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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Bang Bang

Just got back from Lincoln, where Martin and I spent the afternoon and evening with friends celebrating the 4th of July.
On days like these, I feel a bit awkward. I know what the Independence Day is about and it is a very important day in the American history and I love this country, but when it comes to celebrating the "BIG RED,WHITE AND BLUE", I always start to think about "my" country and then I am not sure if it is Germany or the US.
I am still a German citizen, but I have been living here for almost four years now.
I am an Army wife (US Army that is) and I am really proud of that, but then again I spent over 30 years in Germany...
I know, I should/need/can apply for American citizenship and I want to do it sometime this year.
But I want to keep my German passport. Germany and the US allow dual citizenship.
Maybe once, I am there, I wouldn't feel so out of place, when it comes to those real American traditions....

I just need to figure out what I have to do to get citizenship.

Talking about traditions. I almost started my own one last night...taking out a cyclist!
We were at Roxzy and Ryan's house and rode our bikes over to the Rosenblatt Stadium for the Fireworks. Martin wanted me to ride my Polo bike. I said no, because, it didn't have the best breaks to start with and since you have the mullet in your right hand, he put all the breaking power on the left break-lever and after I went once over the handle bars he changed it, so that the left breaks are only connected to the front breaks....
Well, I opted for my Blur, since I haven't ridden my "baby" in a loooong time and it turned out to be a GOOD thing.
On the way back (and Omaha is NOT flat), we were flying down Vinton on the side-walk to avoid the traffic on the road, there is this a-hole on this comfort bike with an orange vest on.
He is rolling right next to me and all of a sudden turns right, without a hand-signal, nor a 'hey I am turning" or whatever....all I can do is do a BREAK!!!! And my bike handling skills be blessed, otherwise, I would have taken that dude OUT. Martin was behind me and witnessed the whole thing and complimented me but men, my Polo bike would have been "lethal".

Well, that happens when VeloCC goes up from little Bellevue to the big city of Omaha and does some Urban Riding and I had only one beer.
That is the other sad story about this weekend. All this training that I am doing and the weight-loss made me into a really cheap drunk...or maybe I am getting old:)


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