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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Long Day....

Today was a long day and full of all kinds of different tasks and errands.

First of all, it started out pretty relaxing with physical therapy. They are putting me now an the "stretcher" for my neck. 20 min/20lbs. It feels good, but I don't think, it helps me to get more mobility in my back.

After I got home we went to Lowes and some other shops to get supplies and on the way back home we stopped at Petsmart to resupply my little Pond with fish. All but one of the goldfish turned into "floaters" as Martin calls them:( and I had to bury them in the flower beds. So we got 10 more and a little pump that pumps more oxygen in the water.
Hopefully these little fishies will make it...

After that, we took the pick-up and went to the Omaha compost facility and bought a truck load full of compost. It is called "Oma-Gro" and I heard really good things about it.
Well, it was self-loading and once back home, we used two wheel-borrows and spread the stuff out over all my flowerbeds...THREE hours later!!!
Martin said, I looked like a coal-miner (sorry no pictures) b/c I am sweating so much and I had that stuff ALL over me...yuck!
But, it is in the flowerbeds and I am hoping that it will improve the soil quality.

After that, I was BEAT, but there was still one task on my list: my work-out...( I had to shower to be able to ride...)
A 1:50 min ride with intervals to get my HR up.
I went out south on the Keystone into the headwind and for the first part of the ride, did OK, but after an hour, my body said, that's it, I am tired and I couldn't get my HR up anymore. I was also dehydrated, so I opted for a fast paced ride home.

Ufff, what a long day! And I wanted to get up early tomorrow to watch the TdF. But is it really worth watching? What's that bullshit with Vinekurov and his team? Don't they ever learn?
I don't get it?


Blogger Jill said...

The Tour de France is looking pretty sad. So glad I never became that invested in it.



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