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Friday, July 6, 2007

Manawa minus 12 hours 15 minutes

I am getting in the RACE MODE or is it MOOD...whatever it is. Manawa makes me nervous. On one hand it is an easy course, super fast and FUN on the other hand there are some technical sections "thrown" in there that can give a rider like me nightmares...

I KNOW, I have to race AS FAST AS I CAN.


Tomorrow at 10 am I just have to tell my body to go F A S T !!!!

HOW to do that, I am not really sure....

The last races, I had good ones and slow ones and I haven't figured out yet, how to push that "speed button".
But, I am getting aware of it and I think that is the first step in the right direction!
The "fighter" in me is awaken and I will go for it tomorrow.Put the pedal to the medal and push HARD.One lap in Zone 5a...that is only in the 170ies. That's easy!!

Mein Kampfgeist ist erwacht
und ich werde mir von niemanden
meinen ersten Platz wegnehmen lassen.
Die Begziege wird gewinnen:))

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