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Sunday, July 1, 2007

MetrO! Mountain Bike Challenge

Since the race in Kansas was rained out, I decided to do the MetrO! MTB Challenge.

It's put up by the Midwest Cycling Community and doesn't go for points, just for fun. A good way to race in a higher category without doing any harm in case of failing:)

So I raised sport instead of beginner....
The race didn't start until 3 pm and I wasn't really in the race mood today.
Maybe it was the weather or because Swanson Park is so familiar to me that it is hard to get the "spark" going.
Well, we started pretty fast and I got my heart rate pretty hight up there. Then I remembered that I had to do two laps and I forced myself to find a better pace.
There were only two women in my class. Cindy McNeill and I. She is a good and fast rider and she took the lead and I let her go. I didn't feel the "fight" in me today. I was glad that the Intense worked better and that I did get through the course and over all the stuff that I wanted to get over. Like I said before, this was just a fun ride!
So after about 20 min, I settled into a good pace and started to enjoy the race. I got only lapped my the fastest experts, but not too many.
Towards the end of the second lap, I see Cindy pulled over and I asked her what's wrong. Turns out, she had a flat tire. I tried to help, but the whole must have been too big, so I took off, having to leave her behind. I didn't feel too happy about that...
Just a few moments later Kevin comes riding my way, looking for her. He is delivering another bike. It's good to be the bike shop owner's wife:)
Anyway, I see her back on a bike and I put my after burners on and put my chain on the big chain ring and push the last mile...and win:)
Martin asked me afterwards, how it went and I said, karma let me win the race. I stopped to help and the good came back to me and let me win! Thanks!
Thanks for everybody putting up the race today.
Good to see all you guys and GALS out there on the fat tires:))

Keep on pedaling!



Blogger Cornbread said...

Great to see you and Martin out there today.

Send me some info on the race in Germany. Sounds like fun. :)



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