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Monday, July 2, 2007

Trail Angels

Ride at Manawa.

Donna and I did a lap.
A few new surprises:D
An a little bit of trail work on the fly...

THOR built these...


Blogger sydney_b said...

What were the surprises? Don't keep secrets from us. ;)


Blogger VeloCC said...

Oh, a few reroutes. Some of the log-crossings have been changed, or seemed to be different: some of the smaller ones are gone, there is a new one:(, some old ones have been cleaned up, that means, that the small logs in front of it were missing....
And they put in a big "bridge" over one of the mud pits, it's a cut down tree (or two, stacked in 4-5 feet sections; maybe 20 all together.


Blogger dale said...

A couple of the new trees down without logs ramping up and down to them were challenging.

I'm a little sensitive about riders making ttfs (technical trail features) easier so they can ride them. I had a couple living ttfs permanently removed by someone with a chainsaw at Tranquility.

My motto: Don't level the playing field but rather raise my game. IOW, increase my ttf skills or dismount the bike to get over the ttf.

Well, people don't like to get off their bike while riding, so to keep the harder ttfs from being made easier, an easy alternative path is needed.

But I think the easier path should be longer so those who attempt the hard ttf and succeed save time. Sort of an inticement to build skills to try the harder stuff.


Blogger VeloCC said...

Taking the chainsaw out is not the right answer, but seeing a log down that has serious "toothmarks" in it can't be a safe log to cross...
I am with you about having an option to ride around it, but the log has to be SAFE to ride. That is all I am shooting for.


Blogger dale said...

Actually, I've read of a technique to get over big logs that uses the chainring biting into the log to pull the bike over.

Tony's Playground and No Second Chance are "black" areas and should have ttfs that most people cannot ride and have to take an easier path or dismount.

Since LtD is the trail leader, we should run these ttfs by him and see how he wants to handle it.



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