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Monday, July 30, 2007

Ritter Sport for Chocoholics

This picture was taken in Waldenbuch, Germany at the Ritter Sport Factory Story.

Yep. That place is the origin of all Ritter Sport chocolate, or as Chocoholics like I say, paradise on earth, hence the ear-to-ear-grin on my face....we are getting ready to shop.
It is cheaper, fresher and they often carry some specialty items that you cannot buy in the stores....YUMM!!

I am blogging about this, because Kimberly and I been talking about candy all day. I had told her about my most favorite French candy called Carambar and I found out to my amazement, that I can order it through the internet.
Then she told me about her favorite European sweets and it turned out to be Ritter Sport.
In the cooler months, my Mom takes orders for really desperate souls:D

But that picture is also a good reminder for me, NOT to eat the chocolate. It shows me, before I started my "Riding-Diet"...ugh.


Blogger mtb05girl said...

Hey thanks! Sounds like you had an awesome mountain bike season. Keep up the good work!


Blogger Marc said...

MMMMMMMMM! chocolate. I like to call it my strong weakness


Anonymous Shannon said...

Hey, you are just going to work it off, so have at least one piece.

Love the layout and awesome design of this site. Thanks for stopping by, too.


Blogger VeloCC said...

The problem is, you cannot have just "one piece"...I know, I have been there. I used to blame it on the chocolate-monster that came and ate all the chocolate.



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