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Friday, July 20, 2007

THOR Duty at Swanson

I am still feeling a bit under the weather, so Martin went out by himself to ride. Actually that is not true. For the first lap at Jewels Park he got Mr. Whiskers with him. Then he put him in the car and did two more laps. After he dropped him off at home he said, he wanted to go out to Swanson, because the weather was so nice. I sad, go for it.

After, about an hour he was back and reported that there is a big tree down and he would need my help...OK. Packed up all the tools, the dog and off we went.
The tree turned out to be a branch, but a HUGE branch, with a diameter of easily a foot or even more.
I forgot to bring my camera, bummer!
It fell, in the back area. On the west side of the fire department and it was too big to move so me made it into a new log-crossing...yeah!!!! (I keep forgetting that I don't like them)
We spend good two hours out there and finally had it the way Mr. Trailmaster wanted it:)

We even had a few guys come trough and test ride it. They like it!

I have to admit, that I want to go out there now and ride the log myself:) Hopefully by tomorrow, my cold will be gone and I will be pretty much back to normal...

Important was today also, that I sent molto importante paperwork to Germany to get my diploma from my Law School. The one place I applied for wants to see it. I see it as a good sign.
Hopefully, I finally find some qualified work.

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