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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tour de Farce

Michael Rasmussen got fired from his Team Rabobank and got pulled from the Tour.
For anyone who didn't know. He was in the yellow jersey (the leader)

He lied about his whereabouts before the Tour to get around doping tests....

I do not understand how these knuckle-heads think they can get away with that kind of BS.

Who is next....??

Now cute Contador is the leader but I bet that team order will force him to give the lead to Levi Leipheimer. Just wait and see...

On a personal and much more fun note: I went down to Lincoln tonight to ride with my team.
teamFIRE It was a lot of fun. Thanks guys! I finally got to meet some more of the riders and I still think it is a great and fun group and I am glad to be part of it:)

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Blogger sydney_b said...

No kidding. Contador or Leipheimer... hmm. I know I'm watching with interest.


Blogger Adrian_O said...

I am sorry I missed that ride. I will schedule a ride in Omaha with you being the lead rider once I get back. FUN FUN FUN!



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