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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tour de Omaha by MTB

I crawled out of bed this morning. Still very tired from yesterday's race-duty.
I was soo tired and sore. I felt, like I had a hang-over, but I didn't have any alcohol. I guess, I was dehydrated.
Problem: I was supposed to do a looooooooooooong MTB ride in today: 3 1/2 hours.
Marc, put that on my training plan and that would be my longest training ride so far...

Well, this morning, I was not capable of doing much. AND we were out of milk, so I couldn't get my milk-coffee to at least wake me up:( (A quick run to the gas station fixed that. Sometimes the many commercial brakes during the Tour are a good thing)

OK, got milk, coffee and my daily TdF-fix. Feeling already better, but still not in riding mode...
Maybe, I can find a good excuse to get out of it....

A nap and some pizza later, Martin pushes the Intense in front of me: HINT!!!

Well, it is almost 5 pm and if I want to get the ride in, I need to do it NOW.

I jump on the bike and off I went. I rode out to I-80, via Giles, turned around and went up 108 until I hit Center, went east up to 90st and a look at my watch told me, I can't go south yet, so I turned north and went up to Dodge, turned right, caught Cass and finally hit the Keystone and started riding south.
Halfway home, I started dying.
I have to add, that we never changed the saddle on the bike and I am still riding with Martin's (men's) saddle. My feet started hurting and my eyes burnt, because I got sweat in them.
Before I hit Culver's, I turned towards Papillion and rode up to 48th Street and jumped up on it to ride up to 370 and home from there. I got home after 3:15 hrs. I circled for another 5 min in front of the house and decided to screw the last not ridden minutes...

Martin, in the meantime went out on his rode bike and saw a cool creature:

I guess, you only have to worry about the turtle on the trail, if it's passing you......:D


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