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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Deutschland Tour

The Deutschland Tour finished today.
Jens Voigt won with Levi Leipheimer 1:57 min behind him.

After the drug-fest at the Tour de France, the German TV stations had pulled the plug and stopped showing the race. My Mom told me that they had only a 20 min show every night to announce the results.
I am sure a lot of German fans suffered from withdrawal...

They all got a goodie, when they announced that they would report live from the Deutschland Tour.

It reminded me of the one time that race came through my little town that I used to live in: Dettenhausen. It was the first time that I saw such a race.
I went (walked, since everything in this town is in walking distance) to the road that they came trough and waited with other spectators.
We stood there for quite a while and waited until we heard the helicopters. I don't remember how many there were, but there must have been at least four or five. All different TV station filming the race.
Then all the service cars and what not came through and for that race, I could have sworn, there were more cars and motor cycles then road bikes!
So we were standing there, one moment with the head up, watching the helicopters, next second eyes on the road again to look out for the first rider.
And then they came, since it was on a slight downhill, with probably 50/60 km/h and....gone!!
Too fast to recognize any riders, too fast to blink!

Next to me was an older gentlemen and he totally missed the riders. Right after they came trough and the helicopters started to move on, he asked me: "When are they coming?"
He had kept his eyes for too long up in the sky:))


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