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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Forget chocolate, candy or home-made bread.I have something, I am graving even more: COLD weather.

Martin and I were baby-sitting a few nights ago and watched this DVD that our friends have:
Christmas at Yellow Stone.
I have to admit that it is probably a bit chilly in Yellow Stone in December, but I looked at the snow and I knew right there: I miss the cold weather!!

Yes, I admit it.
I am tired of this hot and sticky weather. I am tired of baking in the sun and sitting in the AC.
I am tired of drinking 20 liters of water just to refill the sweat.
I am tired of putting on a bottle of sun-protection before I go for a ride, not to mention the bug-juice.

I miss sleeping with my window open and hear the birds sing in the morning.

Everybody knows I love dogs, but I DO NOT like the Dog Days of Summer.
Sorry, Mr.Whiskers!
The dog days of summer fall between July and September and I thought it meant the freaky hot days of summer, but the term goes actually all the way back to the Romans. They called this period of time after Sirius, the dog star, that is very brightly visible during these months.

My love for the COLD made me actually find Jill's blog, before I realized, how wonderful the blog is AND that she writes about cycling.
I found it, because I looked for snow and cold weather.
But I found so much more. Beautifully photographed sceneries embraced by words, thoughts and empowered by her endless strength when it comes to bike riding.
Her blog is like s poem or short story to me, illustrated with pictures that draw you in even more in to the world of Jill and Geoff.

My writings can I only compare as mere stumbles has been in the last few day, finding all these incredible blogs (with all these awards) that made be think about starting a German blog (in deutsch geschrieben) to see if my writing skill can still soar....
Maybe go more into the cultural differences between young and old. Deutsche talk about there fears, excitments, etc, to live in OMAHA,NE


Blogger Jill said...

Thanks, Christine, what a nice thing to say :-)

I enjoy reading your blog, too. You have a different perspective as a German living in America, and you do a lot of racing! It's always entertaining.

It's funny, August has always been my least favorite month as well. Even in Juneau, where August is really not much different than April or October, I still get that sense that the "dog days" are here. I guess, for me, that's culturally ingrained.


Blogger Emily said...

yes, i love jill's blog too, but you are SO sick for missing winter! don't you remember what it's like to not feel your feet for a couple hours every day?! long it takes to get dressed?! ...what it's like to stink like musty, sweaty yuckiness after a ride rather than exude savory, pherimonious deliciouness?! no, no, no, i don't even want to think about it! humans were NOT meant to live like that! sicko.


Blogger VeloCC said...

I do remember cold feet, but I had worked out a pretty good system to keep them warm and I think this coming winter, I will have one bike, for use on roads and trails with normal pedals, so I can wear warmer shoes. That is about the only complaint I had. Then there is the skiing in the winter and yes, I think, I am a "sicko" when it comes to that.
I love my fleece sweaters and gore-tex jackets...
But remember, I grew up in a colder climate. This heat and humidity is very foreign to me....



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