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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ergon BD1 Team Edition backpack

The Ergon BD1 Team Edition has been on my wish list for a while. Unfortunately am I job-less right now and don't have the means to buy one, but I can keep dreaming about it>>>
Now Elden has a competition going on his web site
and whoever writes the best story about the possible use of this killer pack has a chance to win it. COOL!!!!!

So here is my use for the Ergon BD1:

I like riding with back backs, always have. I just can't get used to drinking out of the bottle and besides XC race situations, I want more water and more stuff on me but more about that later.

My husband could tell you of my search for the holy hydration pack, because he is part of it:)
I own and have owned several different brands of hydration packs and there are some good ones amongst them. I have been using some of the Deuter packs (they are also German) and I just had a Wingnutgear Assault made for me for racing. That thing is wonderful, but really small.

Why the Ergon BD1? Well, I almost have a love affair with ERGON, yes I admit it:)
It is such a great company and they are making such great products!
, This is me after my last XC race, In my GREEN team kit, sporting my GREEN Ergon Grips, that I would never want to miss again. Those are the most comfortable grips, I have ever ridden with:)
But to make a long story short, I really like the color green and you know, how important color coordination is for women:DAnother green example! I do need the Ergon pack to go skiing this winter. I need to carry water and snacks and a first aid kit with me. My husband says, I am a little speed demon on the skis.

Well, that is actually just part of the story. My real reason for my love for Ergon comes from wanting some equipment on me or on my bike that is from my homeland.
Ergon is a German company and I am a German girl and I just get the greatest kick out of having a little piece of home with me on my ride.
Makes me less homesick:)
This shows my very first race ever, still back in Germany, a 6o km marathon. It was hard and painful, but sooooo much fun and that is something I want to do next year again. With the Ergon BD1, I would be ably to carry all my nutrition and a rain jacket, leg- and arm warmer, sun lotion and a first aid kit. (It was in the higher 30ies, when we started that race...brrr)

I am dreaming about doing one of these well organized 100 km Marathons in Germany again next year.
I would fly myself and the bike over and ride the race and as the icing of the cake, would be that I would be able to attend my parents 50iest wedding anniversary!!!!!
For that, I will fill the BD1 with flowers and candy:)))

This pictures was taken in the European Alps, The cows are real and the one behind me was VERY interested in me, maybe the GREEN jersey? It actually walked up to me to check me out.
I could have used an Ergon pack with a cow stunner.....
In that area, the trail go right though the cow pastures. I wish I had more pictures of that ride. I went out with a girl friend and we rode around the Zugspitze, which is partly German and partly Austrian.
If going back with my new BD1, I could carry my camera and could show you the stunning pictures:)

But back to my daily life.
I ride 90 % MTB and 10% Road. On the MTB, I always carry a pack, with water, gel shots, CO2, tools, some money, cell phone, after coming up on the last bike crash, I will put some first aid stuff back into it as well. TP, baby wipes, bug spray and once it cools down, I carry an extra layer of clothing with me. And I often carry a saw:)
It's a little hand saw...why, well I am member of THOR (Trails Have Our Respect) and we take care of out own trail system.
So we often have trail maintenance days and take out packs with us, so we have water, gloves, snacks and tools to work on the trail. I think it is almost as much fun as riding them and it builds a great community. Plus my dog Mr. Whiskers can come along as well.
I wonder if he would fit in the BD1??

As you can see, I have MANY uses for the Ergon BD1 and I can promise that it will be in good hands and will be much loved.
And since I will be riding through the winter, will it never have to stay at home and be bored:)

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Blogger sydney_b said...

That pic with the cows is like a postcard. :)


Blogger VeloCC said...

That whole day was like a postcard. It was my first day of real MOUNTAIN biking. I didn't have a camera at the time so there aren't many pictures of that ride but great memories:)


Blogger Laura said...

I really hope that you win it!!


Blogger Jill said...

Sounds like you'd make good use of the pack. I hope you win!



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