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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Flower Power

I haven't taken my camera out to take pictures of my flowers and plants in a while.
Martin and I built a new flower bed. Unfortunately, the picture didn't come out, so I still owe you that one. Since the bed is mostly in the shade like all of our yard, I couldn't follow my plan to make it a specialty bed and put grasses in, since they like the sun.
Well, her are some pictures. I am very excited about the little cyclamen flower that came up. Those are tender perennials for our area and I wasn't sure what to expect. They are tiny little things. I hope I will see more. I put more in the grownd...That's part of the new flower bed.
I did plant a few grasses in there. Some helleborus and my good old Hostas.
more of that flower bed....
green color fusion

And last but not least one of my Clematis started blooming. It's a late bloomer with beautiful tiny white blossoms.


Blogger mtb05girl said...

haha, sure. u live in the omaha area? i'll be there around 10 in the morning. be packed and ready to go! lol



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