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Thursday, August 9, 2007


Schwarz-Rot-Gold is German for red, white and blue, well not literally, but in national "flag-talk". Where am I going with that? Ok, the US flag is red, white and blue.

The German flag is: schwarz-rot-goldAs on my favorite had (and yes Emily, I am looking forward to wearing that one again)

Anyway, schwarz-rot-gold is: black-red and gold (or yellow)

A few months back on my long quest for the perfect hydration pack, I came across the packs from wingnutgear.
I was shopping around for a race pack, because I just can't get used to using bottles and my other pack is too big. I had bought a small 1.5 litre Camelbak, but it basically sucks for XC, because it doesn't sit right on my back and rough terrain makes it jump around:(

wingnutgear makes one pack called Assault.
It carries a 1.5 litre bladder and after asking some riders that use it, like Danille Musto and Jeff Jerkove, who used to carry one, before Ergon came out with their cool packs I called wingnutgear up and asked for colors and prizing.
Next step was to make up my mind, what color to order. Always a difficult decision...

And then, since I want to use the pack for racing, I had the idea to have it make in my national colors, IF POSSIBLE. So, I called wingnutgear again and you see the result above.
It is truly MY Assault, custom made for me and the only one with these colors in the world.

wingnutgear is a very small company and they I think they ROCK. I think, it is nice to see that a business like that making it despite all those big hydration pack giants.

Tonight was actually the first test ride, I took it for and it passed with "flying colors":))
I love the fit of it. It fits 100%, doesn't move around at all and the best part is, that it sits so low on my back, that it doesn't bother my shoulders or back at all.
It has enough room for some tools and gel shots and maybe even some more stuff. It has a sown an mesh pocket on the shoulder strap that holds a "gel-bottle" or your cell phone, or the work out description, or...
I wanted to see how it works, so I can take it to Elkhorn with me for the race on Saturday, since we have a lovely 100F predicted.

P.S. The Ergon BD 1 Team Edition is still on my wish list:)

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Blogger Adrian_O said...

That is pretty cool...hmmm...teamFIRE colors?


Blogger LoupGarou said...

sweet. good luck in the heat tomorrow.


Blogger VeloCC said...

I was thinking about green (and teamFIRE) but I decided to go national:)



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