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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Swanson is not ridable

At least today and well into tomorrow.
Dale, Martin, Mr. Whiskers and I walked the course today to check for fallen trees (one), branches (many) and taped the intersections off where folks might get confused.
It was WET. A trail, that has Mr. Whiskers' paw prints in it, because it is so muddy, is M U D D Y !

The three two-legged persons landed a few times almost on their butt, sliding in the mud, but all is good. The trail looks good and we are really hoping that:

a) it stops raining
b) nobody will be so irresponsible to ride the trail before it is dry enough and tear it up
c) we will have a good race on Saturday (maybe Sunday, if Saturday, the trail is still too wet)

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