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Monday, August 20, 2007

Swanson Race

Will there be a race on Saturday????
If it keeps raining like this, the trail might be too wet. Men, we had really a lot of rain (and HEAT) this year. Isn't it enough alright?
I am all psycowed up for the race and hate to see all the rain.

We rode Swanson on Sunday and it was in great condition. Martin has put a lot of work into it, with his power tools; weed whacking, cutting down trees, refilling some wash-outs and so on.

I am ready for this race. I am actually ready for a break afterwards:)
But how do you motivate yourself to keep riding?
Well, I decided to stick with my trainer since I want to keep riding through the winter and I would love to be able to ride sport next year.
I will need his help to get my happy a$$ going and a training plan is just the right thing for me.

Plus, there are still a few lbs that I would like to shed....

On another note. Tomorrow is a big day for Mr. W. He will get his stitches pulled and we will be hopefully released from our 24hrs dog-sitting duty. The wound healed up nicely. We changed his bandage every day and it looks good.

Talking about pet-sitting. I am seriously contemplating to start my own pet-sitting business.
I am already working on the details and as soon as it is ready to lunch, I might ask you guys to to do some advertising for me. I will give you more details later.

Well, that is about all the news for now, so I better join Mr. Whiskers in his land of dreams:)

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Anonymous Shannon said...

Keep at it, girl. I admire your spunk!


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