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Friday, August 24, 2007

Test Crashed Swanson

Yes, crashing is good at Swanson. The wet conditions help to make it easier to crash:)

After another test walk around 4 pm with Martin and Mr. Whiskers, did we agree that the trail is ridable. We actually ran into a couple of guys riding and they didn't pick up too much dirt with their bikes.
So, with hopefully more time to dry out till the delayed race start tomorrow, we will have a sweet race going.

Since, the trail officials (Martin and I) gave the OK to ride, did I go home and got my bike to get a practice lap in. Can't beat the experience of sliding around corners and over wet roots...
Actually, I took it very easy and rode very "trail-friendly", which means, you ride without tearing up the wet spots.

Some areas, where the wind and that little bit of sun we had today, hit, dried out quickly, but there are some very slimy spots to be aware off and there was still standing water on the trail...urg!!

Oh yeah, and then there is that reverse-thing as well, as you know, the race will be run backwards, so all downhills are uphills and vice versa. For the most part, I am really happy with that, because, my down-hilling is much better, but there is that one short steep uphill going up on Tetanus-Ridge, well for this race, it is a short steep downhill and I have a hard time riding it.
I have cleared it twice before on Wednesday. It wasn't pretty, but I did it.
Well, today, with the mud and wash-out, I didn't make it and crashed hard.
Instead of riding the hill down, I fell down of it and landed in the grass on the side, under my bike.
I think, there were also some neddles, because I am itching and I will probably add to my bruise collection.
Oh well, got back on my bike and finished my lap....bruised and ready for tomorrow!!!


Blogger Khushali said...

hey, how did you change the background?


Blogger VeloCC said...

Hi khushali, I actually had a friend help me with it but I know in theory, how to do it...
You have go in, where it says customize and then go to "Edit Html" (Template).
In there you have to look around for the code for the background color/scheme. That is the place you need to put whatever you want to put there.
Now, WHAT are you going to put there.
You have to find something, put it in a post and push the "Edit Html" button and it will convert your picture/color scheme into Html. Select all of that copy it and paste it into the Html template and voilĂ least, I think that is, how it works.



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