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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Diet Tip No. 1: Paint for 8 hours

Martin has been building new shelves for the garages. I have helped putting them up. Mr. Whiskers tested them...

my new potting station

two coats of paint on the garagw door

Martin's new work bench

my potting station after I painted it

Shelves for Bike Stuff, etc...

So, we put a coat of primer on all the wood yesterday.
Today, we painted all the walls white and did the garage door (twice), then Marin taped and I started painting the wooden shelves in the same brown that we have on the exterior of the house.
After he got done taping, he painted as well...and we painted and painted and painted...FOR HOURS.
Some of the shelves will need some touch-up tomorrow, but for the most part are they done and so are we.
We are beat!
Now that's a good work out. I bet we burnt a few calories today...good panting diet:D



Blogger Adrian_O said...

Those are some shelves! Nice work.


Blogger VeloCC said...

Thanks! Martin does some awesome woodwork:)



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