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Monday, September 24, 2007

Diet Tip No. 2: Collecting a TON of Walnuts

As some of you know, do I live in a house with a big yard and mature trees.
I love the house and the trees for one "tiny" exception": the WALNUTS.

What you see in these pictures was the "harvest" from just one day.
But I have been doing this daily for the last week if I skip a day (because I paint the garage),
I end up with TWO wheelbarrows full of those suckers...
Some of them have the size of granny smith apples and you don't want to get hit by them.

I have to collect them, because they start rotting and "burning" wholes in the grass.

Oh, and have I told you that I DO NOT LIKE WALNUT?
I don't like to eat them. I am allergic to them and I hate them falling on me, my house, my plants,...

I wonder, how many nuts, I had in this load???

Sometime, I like to throw one or two across the street (there are no houses), but Mr. Whiskers brings them dutifully back....grrrrrr.

I don't hand-pick them because the rotted ones stain your hands. I used to rake them, the first year, we moved here, until I ended up in the emergency room with a bulged disk: OUCH!!!

Now, I am using a "pooper-scooper" and pick them up, 5 or 6 at a time....

Once, I have a filled load, I haul it over to the bank of the river and pile them up for the critters.

No complaints from any squirrels in my neighborhood please!

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Blogger Marc said...

Someone might want those. For free or a price. I know my grandad used to put 'em in burlap bags in the cellar. I'm not sure of the process but that's why we have the internet. One man's wasted tree nut is another's treasure :)


Blogger VeloCC said...

Hmmm!?! Did he take the "shell" off?


Blogger Laura said...

These are all from only one tree?! It must be gigantic! But, as you say, collecting them is good exercise!!


Blogger VeloCC said...

No, not just one tree. Probably 5 or 6, maybe even more...



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