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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Baby Wipe Warmers and German Rieβling

Manawa needs THOR, well at least someone with a chain saw. There is one tree down...
Besides that, one really muddy spot and a few feisty weeds, the trail is in GREAT condition.

I went out there today by myself since Martin is still not allowed to ride because of his shoulder and pretty much everybody is out of town.
It was a gorgeous ride, beside those two idiots that had to ride backwards and almost ran into me...
The temperature was perfect and since I was by myself, I could go my own tempo and just enjoy the ride. I was amazed at how many leaves already came down.
Is Fall already here?
I rode two laps and I could have gone easily for another one but I had to go to a baby shower and so I had to rush home, clean up and go to Target and find a present.
I have never done this gift registration thing. It's an American thing and so I print out the list and went to find the stuff on the list...
Oh, I forget to tell that I was in rush too, because I had another invitation after the baby shower, so, I was standing there, looking at all the baby stuff, having no clue, how to find, what I want, or not want, there is nobody around to ask and needless to say, I was hungry from my ride (= cranky).
So, the only item that I found, is a freaking baby wipe warmer and since I didn't have the time, nor the nerve to look any longer, did I get that thing, even though, I can't believe that one needs something like that.....??????????
Then, I was thinking, maybe they make one with a car outlet and I could use it for after race clean-up. Just imaging, instead of COLD nasty wipes, you have warm, yummy wipes!!

Well, I hope it will make the baby and the Mom happy....

After the baby shower, I went to my next party.
I was invited to a German party:) A few months ago, Martin and I met a couple at L&C. Katja and Joe. She is from Germany and told me that they have a group of Germans that meets once every month.
It was a lot of fun to get to know all these folks and to use my German for once:)

I took a bottle of German wine and I hit the jack-pot, because the wine was made in one of the ladies' hometowns. Talking about coincidence:)

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