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Thursday, September 6, 2007

the therapeutical effects if cycling

Sounds very scientific, doesn't it:)

I could have also said: freaking mad before the bike ride and much calmer afterwards....

But, I should tell the the story from the beginning.

Last Friday, did I receive a phone call from a translation service company, where I had put my name down for English to German translations, I don't know how long ago, with my specialty in law, since I went to German Law School.
Anyway, this girl asked me if I wanted to translate a legal document and I said sure. She said, well, let me email it to you, so you can look at it to make sure you can do it until Thursday and we talked about the pay.
They pay per word and I am telling you, the pay isn't bad!
So, I got the document, looked through it and wondered, if I should handle out higher price per word, talked to Martin about it and called her back to let her know, that would do it....only to have her tell me that she just placed the job....f%&*!!!
OK, I was disappointed, but this was my first time in this business and next time I gotta be faster (and I only lost about $700).

I thought about it for a bit more and decided that I need to register with more companies like that. Maybe I can make some money on the side.

Well, today, THURSDAY, I get TWO very upset sounding phone calls and emails from that same company...asking where the due translation is?????WTF?????

I call that chick back and she doesn't remember at all, what she told me on the phone on Friday....well, how convenient for her, since she can make it look like I messed the whole thing up and not her.....OHHHHH, I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO MAAAAAD!!!!!!!
And I can't do anything to defend myself, because it is my word against hers, so I am screwed!!

So, I threw on my bike gear and went on a bike ride and pedaled out some freaking frustration and madness.... felt much better afterwards...


Blogger Adrian_O said...

GRRRR! I hate when that happens! I used to interpret at are is very good.


Blogger sydney_b said...

How frustrating. Do you have a fax or email? Always get something printed to avoid that she said/ she said thing. :) Glad you feel better.


Blogger VeloCC said...

Yeah, it was a learning experience!
But there are many companies like that out there and I will sign up with them. Who knows, it might produce some $$...


Anonymous Pilar said...

Ooooh, I would have been FURIOUS!! How frustrating!!! Well, lesson learned, next time as for a contract.

Isn't exercise a blessing for getting rid of angry energy? When I got laid off, I just got home, put on my running shoes, and ran, ran, ran until I was so exhausted I couldn't even feel angry or upset or sad.

I love your blog, it motivates me to get on my road bike more often than once a week! Mind if I blogroll you?


Blogger VeloCC said...

I'd be honored to be on your blogroll and I am glad to motivate you to go out and ride:)


Blogger Laura said...

That is horrible! But now you can choose to work for other companies, instead! I would imagine that there is probably quite a lot of work (translating) out there for you. Good luck!
How did you end up living in the U.S.? Is your husband German, too?


Blogger VeloCC said...

There is, it is just a matter of getting your word out.
It is a lot of fun and a great challenge.
My husband is American and in the US Army. We met in Germany, while he was stationed there.


Blogger Mallie said...

Just say that you require a contract, in writing, before you begin any job. It can be very simple, doesn't have to be full of legalese. You have to play the CYA game, unfortunately.


Blogger VeloCC said...

Yeah, that taught me a good life lesson:)

Thanks for your advise!

Now I have to figure out, how to get my name out there to get more translation jobs...



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