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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wilderness in Lincoln

To take a break from various home improvement projects (putting shelves in the garages, replacing some of the wood siding on the house, gardening(planting mums), redoing my room. OK some of those, I just assist, but I still put some labor into it like painting and such...) and to follow a "call" from my team, did I go down to Lincoln tonight to do the Tuesday Night Monkey Wrench Ride to Wilderness Park.
It was a lot of fun!!! I had never been to that place and it is FUUUUUN:D

It felt like playing one of these computer games, where you drive a race car and you have to keep it on track, not knowing what is coming up, going as fast as possible...
It's a very flat, tight single track course that keeps constantly twisting and turning and not knowing the trail, you have to concentrate 100 % on what is coming up.

That is something, I love about MTB anyway. Beside the physical work-out, it seems to give me always a "mental" work-out. Sometime, it's a course, where I have to get over a log that scares me, this time, it took my whole mind off everything else and that is for me a way to relax.
(pictures takes by my team members: sea of green or see you green)

After about an hour of riding a few riders took off and I realized that I should have gone with them since I didn't bring my lights and I still had to get back to my car down-town, so Janna was so nice to take me to the bench and point me in the right direction.

I worked my way up north on the bike path and everything worked fine until I hit a bigger intersection and I literally lost the trail..upsi.
Well, I knew, I had to go east, so I kept going that way and asked two girls (college?) for directions for P-Street. They told me, where to go and asked me, if they could take a picture of me??? OK!?! WHY??? Because, I am wearing this "funny" outfit? ( I didn't ask that)
Well, the girl explained, that she is taking a class for photo journalism and most people don't let her take pictures. And I guess, she doesn't run into lost MTB in downtown Lincoln too
After my short photo-shoot (maybe I will be famous one day..), I got back on track and made it back to the car and back to Omaha.

Thanks guys, for a fun ride!! I always enjoy coming down south:)



Blogger Brandon said...

To bad I missed you guys I came out to the park about 7:15. I glad you had a good time. Wilderness is where I do most of my riding because it is less than a 10 minute ride from my house. Let me know if your coming down to lincoln again.


Blogger VeloCC said...

Will do! Same here if you come up to Omaha.


Blogger sydney_b said...

Wow, sorry I missed you! Lemme know next time ur coming down.


Anonymous Shannon said...

Awesome. Now, do you ever sleep? :)


Blogger VeloCC said...

sleep?? is highly overrated...:)
Actually, I do need to get enough sleep to keep my energy level up, or call it beauty-sleep:D


Blogger 好文 said...




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