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Sunday, October 21, 2007

385, the Second.....

After running my race kit through the washer (and dryer) and I good night sleep did I feel ready (or not) for round TWO if the Swanson Cyclo cross.
A few little changes. The course was ran backwards and the temperatures were about 25-30 F cooler, plus we had our good Nebraskan wind blowing:)
Well, I didn't mind the weather. I do like the cooler temperatures.

What I minded was the saddle on my bike....OUCH!!! That one has to go... and I could feel my tight legs from yesterday, but the loosened up after warming up a little bit.
I also decided to invest into a set of skinner tires, so can keep up with the cyclo cross bikes a bit better. Gotta do some research.
Charly (on the right)
The race went OK. I raced against Charly and I knew I couldn't reach her, so I did my best to put down a good race and I actually felt better today than I felt yesterday.

After I was done, I stayed for a little bit to watch the Cat 1,2,3 Guys race...they make it look so easy.....Sydney on her Cross Badger
Corey going STRONG
Mark powering up the hill
But the fun part about cyclo cross is that it is "easy" to watch, since those guys go around, and around, and around, so spectators have their fun as well:)

What a nice smile Ryan:)
team Fire....on FIREAnne was having fun!!
Even though, we were all a bit chilly and could have used something to warm us up.....
But it was FUN and we had lots of COW BELLS:))))))


Blogger sydney_b said...

You did great, Christine! Thanks for coming out and racing and cheering!


Blogger Marc said...

Good job, Christine. Yep, just get some skinner tires for that mtb with an aggressive tread. You'll do just fine.


Blogger LoupGarou said...

Great job Christine. It was great seeing you out there giving it your all. Baylee also enjoyed meeting Mr. Whiskers. Keep up the good work.


Blogger nicol said...

Hey Christine,

Thanks for the granola bar and hand sanitizer. You are one prepared girl! :) Good seeing you and great job this weekend.

Wasn't it fun yelling and screaming with the cowbells during the cat. 1, 2, 3 race? That was great!



Blogger VeloCC said...

Thank guys! It was good to see you all as well:))

You ALL did a great job racing.

It's so much fun to go to these events and see all you wonderful peeps:)


Blogger Jill said...





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