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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


What a gorgeous day we had today here in Nebraska. Little bit chilly in the morning, around 43F but SUUUUNNNYYY all day.

Martin, Mr. Whiskers and I did a Swanson-Patrol-Walk.
Martin marked some areas, where we want to put some re-routes in and we just checked on things. It was still a little wet this morning, but I am sure by tonight it was in EPIC condition:)

After a quick snack, I did a long overdue garden walk and took some pictures of my mums:

Then after a little break, I went for a bike ride. I had to do intervals and did them into the head wind. All was fine, only that I had problems with my calves. I might have come from doing weight exercises on Monday or the "raking" we did today at Swanson: We cleared the upper trail from glass clipping by pushing them off with our feet...
My poor calves got so tight and I can't stretch them out:(
But, I still got a good ride in. Blog Directory