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Friday, October 12, 2007

Holy Purging!!!!

Don't worry, this is not my latest Ebay order....this is actually stuff, that I have sold on Ebay!!

I am renovating my room, painting, redecorating, etc. and for that, I had to EMPTY it out.
I threw a lot away, A LOT got donated but a whole bunch is being auctioned off...and it makes a bit of money:)
It is actually fun, to get rid of stuff. Very freeing....
But it sure keeps me busy.
Today, after, prepping the wood (saning it own), I applied a coat of tinted primer. Yes TINTED primer. It is a turquoise color. I will paint white over it and will try to de-stress it, so the green will "peep" out again...I will post some pics.

I also gave Martin some moral support. He put a new re-route n at Swanson. Very Nice job Martin !!!!

So, now it is sleeping time. I can't wait to "slap" on the white paint tomorrow and see how that technic works. Apparently, you use some steel wool and take some of the white paint off, so the green will show up again....

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