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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nite Ride or how to kill an Opossum

It is Fall and the days are getting shorter. Even though Martin and I both are not working right now, did we go out to meet some friends last night to ride after 7pm, in the dark.
Riding in the dark, is a whole new experience and I love to do it.
Well, you need a good light system. Either a helmet-light or a light on your handlebar.
I have a helmet light and it is a pretty good one.
What I like about riding at night is, that it forces you to keep your head up and look ahead and where you want to go, as you should always....because, if you don't it will get DARK:)

Yesterday was a bit of a challenge for me, because I hadn't planned on riding and had gone to the gym in the morning and worked all those riding muscles pretty hard... I felt it in the evening:)

Lots of fun in the Fall is, that we can take Mr. Whiskers along. He LOVES to run with us and now it is finally cool enough. He is a good riding buddy!!
Unfortunately, did we have to learn that he doesn't like Opossums. We ran into one. He saw it and killed it DEAD in a matter of a few seconds. I know that he is a hunting dog, but I still have a hard time with that.

So, if you are out there riding at night and you run into us, be sure to announce yourself, so we know, that you are not an opossum, squirrel or something like that....
He looks sweet, but he will kill!!!!

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