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Thursday, October 18, 2007

to my beloved Walnuts

All of you reading this blog, know my "love" for walnuts and I am happy to report that the trees are slowing down....well, there aren't any nuts left on them.

A scary fact is, that Martin actually counted the trees and we have 16 of these #%***# trees!!!

No wonder, we have so many darn walnuts....

Anyways, I have a sitemeter on my blog, that counts, how many people view my blog. But they tell you more facts, like where those people are from or which pages they got referred from.
So today, I got one of these reports and I look through them and I see that someone did a Google search, so I clicked on it and I had to laugh: it was on COLLECTING WALNUTS.
And not just any kind of walnuts, no, MY kind of walnuts.

Even an article from an university was in there and recipes and ......

Well, Maybe I print it out and put it on the pile of walnuts that we made in the woods for the critters. Then, they learn a thing or two about walnuts and how to make them into delicious meals.....

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Blogger Adrian_O said...

Time to chop em down!



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