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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What are you doing in FALL?

Do you like fall? Or are you of the ones that see the natures "dying"?

I am not. I have 100 bulbs sitting in the garage that need to be planted. Those are always my bulbs of hope. Yes, winter will come, but after that, the spring will bring my bulbs back out and make them bloom:)

I like the fall temperatures and the rain. That's the German for you. I wanted to take Mr. Whiskers for a walk in the rain, but the sun was back and, oh well, we never complain about sunshine!!

The only thing I didn't like about the rain today was, that it rained down more WALNUTS....
But I choose to ignore them. Maybe the squirrels will have some wild walnut orgies and consume most of them in one sitting////\\\\

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Anonymous Shannon said...

I love fall. Though, if I had a walnut tree and was unable to eat the walnuts, I might enjoy it less. Maybe you can sell them or something. Or you could do some kind of co-op with the squirrels. They're always into some sort of capitalistic idea, especially when it comes to hoarding nuts for the oncoming winter.


Blogger BIGWHEELRIDER said...

It looks like Mr. Whiskers has on a yamika (spell check)...too cute!



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