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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am an employee!

After a looooooong search for a job and a long wait for this job, did finally start working yesterday and signed my contract...yeah!!! So now it is official:)
For the next four weeks, I will have classes, and after that, I will work in the Fraud Department of the Company. That's exciting, because it will hopefully put my legal background to work.
The Company is also working worldwide and I hope to use my languages in the future...

Yesterday, I also received a package that I had mailed to myself from Germany on Tuesday (last week). This one contained mainly books.
I have been living in the US for a little bit over four years now and a couple of years back, did I realize, that I needed to start reading German stuff again.
So, every time I go to Germany, I buy around 10 books and mail them back.
I make sure that they are either from German authors or other non-English authors. I mean with that, I don't buy a book that is originally in English and has been translated to German, because I would rather read it in English then. Makes sense?
The only exception is the BRITISH edition of the latest Harry Potter book. That one, I bought as well, but in English.
The British edition is different to the American. It uses different words and such. Don't ask me why but it does.
Anyway. I have all the other Harry Potter books and I had bought them in Europe (=British edition), so this made the set complete.

The good thing is that there is an Army base near by and I can mail from there and only pay US postage, so all those heavy books went on book rate for only $10.

I am waiting for two more packages with goodies and Christmas presents:)

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