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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trail Day at Swanson 17 November


Feel free to forward to other interested riders.

On 17 November from 8:30 ? 12:00 THOR will be hosting a trail day at Swanson Park to:

- Reroute the downhill section vicinity of the Fire Department Training Area

- Correct water drainage problems on Tetanus Ridge

- Add a new trail extension

Volunteers are requested to bring gloves a shovel, pick-axe, brush saw, loppers/clippers or commercial type rake to help cut in the two new trail sections and to help fix some erosion problems. Tools will be provided by THOR if you don?t have any of your own.

The current down hill trail will be closed and replaced with a new down hill trail that follows the current IMBA guidance on building maintainable and sustainable trails. The current downhill trail is not within IMBA standards and remains in constant state of rain damage. Nearly 25% of all volunteer THOR trail day work for 2007 went into maintaining this 400+ foot section where we have to support over 5 miles of total trail.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Swanson Trailleader



Blogger sydney_b said...

A trail day on a Nebraska 'cross race day?! I'm gonna be in Pioneers park layin it down on one of the best 'cross courses of the season.



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