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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mr. Whiskers in Training

Yesterday, Mr. Whiskers' training diary would read:
Ran 10.1 miles at Manawa with Martin (While he was riding).

While I am earning doggy-treats, the two of them are out tearing up the trails:))
Whiskers loves to run with the bike and especially in the snow.

For my defense. I did go to the gym last night and worked out. The gym at work is small but not bad and I had it to myself for the most of the time.
Hey, a private gym. I am not complaining.


Blogger Laura said...

He looks so CUTE!!!


Blogger BigWheelRider said...

Mr. Whiskers got skillz!


Blogger VeloCC said...

he has been running almost every day with Martin along the bike for 10-11 miles!!


Blogger Adrian_O said...

Is he getting ready for the Psychopath series next year?


Blogger VeloCC said...

Yeah and he wants to move up with me to the sports class.


Blogger BigWheelRider said...

Oliver could give him a run for his money on a short track...FO-SHO!!!


Blogger VeloCC said...

bring it on!!!!



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