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Thursday, December 13, 2007

TT Tomorrow

Unfortunately TT doesn't stand for time trial, but for "test-time".
Tomorrow will be my final test of my class.

I am a little nervous, but I feel well prepared and I am excited to be soon done with it and go work in my department.
I will be still in training, but doing the real job.

So far, I am really liking the company. My supervisor seems to be really caring and the atmosphere is very positive.

The HR department, got a lot of kudos today, because they approached me to let me know, that they found a place, where I can leave my bike INSIDE the building.
So, I can start commuting any time....
I have to test ride it first to find out, how long it would take me.

Well, I better go to bed. I have to get up at 4.30am to get ready for work.

Hope you guys have a great weekend.
For all of you racing down in Kansas. I am sounding my cow bells for you!!!!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange "Probezeit" is being referred to as "probational period" in the UK.


Blogger VeloCC said...

You mean you are there on probation:)
Sounds ruff...
I am liking my job too much for that.



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