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Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Month: new GOALS

Some of you might have noticed: January is G O N E.

What happened? Did I have too much fun to notice??

NO, I didn't go skiing. The picture is from last year at Winter Park, CO.
I used it, because this is the amount of clothes you need to be outside here right now.
BUT, I still made a new-month resolution:

I need to start riding more outside....

And keep a better diet.

The next race season is just around the corner and the scale is mean to me.

I started by going for a bike ride yesterday. It was cold, or better say, I was COLD. I didn't dress warm enough, but you live and learn.
Next time, I will put on an extra layer and I will be good to go/ride.....

Other than that things are going pretty good.

I (still) like my job. It just keeps me busy.
M and Mr. W are doing well. (Both keeping an eye on each other to stay out of trouble)

Oh, and another goal: to write more often....

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Blogger Mrs. G. said...

I am always ready for the challenge of a new month.



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