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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A scent of PEPPER is in the air

Is it black Pepper?

Is it bell Pepper?

Is it Peppermint?

No, it is Miss Pepper, a little Jack Russell Terrier girl, that we have visiting this week to see if she would get along with Mr. Whiksers.

So far it looks pretty good:)

She comes from the local Jack Russell Terrier Rescue, where we picked her up on Saturday.

She is about a year old and weight 14lbs. She is very friendly and cuddly but still a little shy towards Mr. Whiskers.
And boy, is she FAST. We thought Mr. W is fast, but she might be even faster. Well, she weights 1/2 of his weight. (Don't tell him, but he has gotten a little chubby. We need to put him on a doggy-diet...)

Other than that things are same old, same old.

Oh NO, they are NOT. We had 60F yesterday and I went for a walk on my break at work!!!!!
We have a little lake outside the building they put a path around. That sun felt GOOD:)

And some of my bulbs are peeking out......SPRING IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Blogger K Olivera said...

Just saw this post. Sounds like you are in for quite a bit of trouble. Never underestimate the power of 2 terriers. ;-) Good luck, she's a cutie.


Blogger BigWheelRider said...

I'm sure momma Kerry was glad you wanted Miss Pepper for your very own!


Blogger VeloCC said...

Yes, she was:)



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