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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Celebratng Earthday

I know it was yesterday, but I was so busy celebrating it that I sit down today to write about it.

I was excited about Earth Day and tried to be as green as possible. How did I do.

I did not move my car. A co-worker picked me up in the morning and we car-pooled to work with my bike in her truck.
At work, we had a lot of stuff going on for the Earth Day. We actually have a Green Team and they were giving out these energy saving light bulbs and I bought three lottery ticket to win a tree.
I will find out today....

They had a local bike shop there to promote bike riding.

And I am NOT using any of the plastic cup there that are a "5" so they are not recyclable

And then I had the pleasure to ride my bike home. Yesterday was a very nice to to ride and I made it in 50 min.
Sunday I had a head wind and it had taken me 1:13 min. That ride was painful.

BUT, this is my start to commute to work and to save on my gas bill. (And get rid of some winter weight)

What did you do for Earth Day?



Blogger sydney_b said...

nothing special, I'm afraid. Like to think i live pretty earth friend most days. :)

Glad to hear you're going to do some commuting. You almost have a training distance there.



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