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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside

Yes, I am still alive:) Lots of things have been going on over the last months.
We moved to Germany and I am still adjusting to my new "world".
I do have to admit that I miss NE as funny as that sounds. Well, maybe it is more the peeps there...
We moved in a beautiful apartment and for once we are not responsible for a big yard and snow and ice outside the house. Yes we do it the oldfashioned way in the "old world" and have temps around 18F today
I just took the dogs for a walk and it was a bit cold.
It's great to be so close to my parents (10min by car) and so close to my beloved Schoenbuch.
I grew up in this area and I have spent hours walking and biking in these woods.
We also have a lot of friends (mostly through the military) that are either still here or back.
The dogs mastered the move well. Especially Mr. Dodger was our concern. He is 14 years old but he is taking everything with a stride.
Martin likes his new job and I started tutoring German to American which is fun.
I found a Germana knitting group and they are lots of fun and have the knowledge to get to the yarn.
I will miss my garden dearly come spring, but he have a big balcony and I have already some plans to fill it with flowerboxes and containers.
In the meantime we are still shopping for the right funrniture. We didn't take much with us.
There are still a few pieces missing but it is also fun to go shopping for them:)

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