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Monday, February 19, 2007

Back home

Back Home in Omaha. This isn't one of my pics buy it was taken here in the area on a frozen lake. When we came in tonight it didn't look very frozen outside. It looked as if everything was melting, very messy. From sunny CA to melting is still good to be home. Picked up Mr. W from the neighbors. He is tired. We guess, he played allot with his girl friend Daisy. We are all tired ans sore from skiing. There are quite a few muscles that one only uses when screaming down a hill on skis, especially, when those hills have "black" names...
My gold is still pretty bad. I guess, I have to take a time out tomorrow to get better.
If everything works out well, I will be flying to Deutschland on a business trip in March. And on preparation for that, I will need some training (loads of it) Wish me luck, this might me my career change that I was hoping for!! A job that would let me travel on business expenses to my home land and surprise my parents:)))

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Blogger sydney_b said...

good to have u back in one piece, cc. Hope your cold gets better and good luck with the job thing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for u! :)



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