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Friday, March 30, 2007

Omaha, Nebraksa

One of my troopers at home:)

Yes, I am back home in Omaha. I had a wonderful time in Germany, but for right now, I am just glad to be back. As you can see on the above posts, did I go on my daily garden walk to see what has "poked" its had out while I was gone.
The one flower, the snowdrop, needs some explaining. I know it from Germany and it normally grows in groups. I planted them last year, so hopefully, by next year, it will come back stronger and it bigger numbers. It is called Snowdrop or Galanthus, because it is usually the first flowers that shows itself after the winter, often still amongst the last bit of snow.
I love them, because they are the first sign if spring in Germany when everything else is still cold and grey. I have to dig out this other picture that I took in Germany if them last year...

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