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Monday, March 12, 2007

Ready for take off...

Wearing my favorite hat says it all where I am heading....HOME, even though I won't take it since I expect the weather to be too warm. But German weather is unpredictable. Well, in the worst case, I would have to buy a hat...

This is my beloved Mom in our home's living room in Germany

A shot of our yard, I believe in last November. Still pretty green. They have a big yard.

This pictures Martin took in a little town along the Mosel a very pretty river valley, famous for their wines and tourism.

This church is actually is in Austria, but cut have been also found in Bavaria. Typical catholic architecture. Great shot with the sun going down behind. A warm day in the end of November...

Well, I have more pictures but I will take more in the next couple of weeks.
I am flying out tomorrow to go to Hannover, Germany, to go to a Computer Show. It should be interesting and it is a GREAT shop opportunity for me. Cross all your fingers for me.
Once I am done there. I will head down south to Stuttgart to visit with my parents for a week.
The only wish I have would be to be able to take Mr. M and Mr W. along but they have to stay her and hold the Fort down...
I will take my lap top and hope to keep my blog updated, so please keep in touch:)

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