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Saturday, May 26, 2007


Today, is the first day of the race weekend in Beatrice, NE and I am not there:(
I am a bit disappointed about it but I have my reason no to go. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...
The advantage. I could go to a party last night and didn't have to feel bad about having that extra glass of wine and I could sleep in today.
So, I put that race behind be and though, I could use the time to ride at L&C but it had rained in the morning so the trails need a day to dry and I looked at my training log and I saw that I had an alternative work out scheduled in case I wouldn't race: a 30 min TT, race condition, all out and I can tell you: IT WAS PAINFUL. I haven't downloaded my heart rate monitor yet, but I think, I have gotten faster. Cool!

Today, I didn't do anything in the yard, but admire my labor from yesterday. I had planted bout 30 plants and moved some more. I took pictures, but they are still in the camera.
Yes, I am lazy today:)

I created a new blog to keep track of my racing schedule and the results.
I called it:
One pedal stroke at a time

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