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Friday, June 1, 2007

What are you doing this weekend?

I will do a little bit of XC racing...and since one race isn't really enough, or is it? (One will find out...)
One will do two:

2. June Lewis&Clark Kanesville Krusher (XC)
3. June Landahl Park Reserve Kansas City Cup (XC)

Saturday, the race is over in Council Bluffs, IA and it is part of our Nebraska Psycowpath Race
Series. I want to do that one, because I am going for the points. Have one 2nd and one 1st so far in this series.
Sunday, that race at Landahl, KS is part of the Heartland Series and they had only one race so far, witch I won:), so there, I am also going for the points.

My bike is tuned. Thanks to Martin!!
It wasn't shifting right on Thursday, but he fixed that and he helped me put new Stan's in my tires. I am running tube-less tires and that stuff seals it from the inside, in case you get a whole in your tire. Pretty nifty!
I got my high carb meal (Mexican) and now I am hoping that it stays DRY!!!!!!!

Until then, I will keep on pedaling...

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Blogger Cornbread said...

Good luck Christine! I'll see you up at L&C.



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