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Thursday, September 20, 2007

VeloCC's Diet TIPS

Well, it is NO secret,
that I have lost 20 lbs over the summer and "shrunk" quite a bit :)

Yes, I have mentioned before that I have lost weight and I am doing it again, because I am proud of it and I am writing about it to maybe motivate some people to go out and change some things towards a healthier life style and loose some pounds on the way.

I think to start off, I show you some before pictures:

These pictures were all taken in the early season.

Then I saw these pictures and noticed a difference. Do you?

Good thing that bike clothes come in spandex:) At least those still fit me....

But back to start of my post.
I changed a lot of things this year about my diet and the way I exercise.
But it has been a great and fun journey so far and besides all the medals that I can show off, I can share a bit of my knowledge and motivation.

And it would be wonderful, If I could make a difference in your life!
I am not a super athlete and I am not a spring chicken, but with a good work ethic and the right diet(=healthy), you can achieve a lot of things!!!
I will write some more about details in the coming days.
Feel free to ask questions:)

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Blogger Harp said...

Congrats on the weight loss. This is my first season really riding and racing and I've lost about 20 lbs and have been working on my diet as well. I am lucky enough to work with two registered dieticians that are helping me build the perfect diet for cycling.


Blogger Laura said...

Good for you! It really does feel so great to make positive changes! I would think that given the amount of training that you do that you would need to make certain that you are eating enough. But I guess it all winds down to the "right" kinds of foods. I generally eat pretty healthily, but I do have a weakness for those carbs! Oh, and I WILL get you that book list! All of my books are in storage, and I can't remember which ones are the best--so it won't be long--I promise!


Anonymous Shannon said...

That's awesome! And you are enjoying the exercise, too. What a concept!


Blogger VeloCC said...

Laura, I understand. Moving is a pain. I am looking forward to getting the list, but don't rush anything.

And yes, I have the problem of eating enough food. Sounds weird, but that is my biggest problem:)

I stopped eating junk food, with very few exception and I work out almost every day....



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