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Friday, November 2, 2007


You probably wonder what that is NoBloPoMo.

It stands for National Blog posting Month and you can sign up for it, better sign your blog up for it and commit to writing a blog entry for every day in November.

I did that a few weeks back because I thought it would give my writing a little push and I liked the idea in general.

Now, I am having a problem! Martin, my husband surprised me with an early Christmas present and bought me an airplane ticket to visit my parents in Germany.

And I am SUPER EXCITED about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am actually flying next Wednesday, the 7th and will be gone for two weeks.
The problem is that my parents don't have internet and so I won't be able to post...

But the chance to go home and see my parents is to nice to miss!

Maybe I can find a figure out a way to get access to a computer from over there.

The pictures are taken by me and show the little church and my home town where I grew up.

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Blogger naugabike said...


Have a good time. Hope you have a good visit.



Blogger VeloCC said...

Thanks Tom!



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