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Sunday, January 27, 2008


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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Keystone Snow Cruiser

I call this one BIKE ART.
These are actually four tires (Martin and mine) after a muddy race in Missouri.
First MUD scared the doodoo out of me, but after a while it is actually fun to master it and a great excuse to get dirty:)

Martin did really well in that race and that is his beloved bike

Now, we don't have to worry about mud. It is way to cold (we have a high of 8F today) and snow. Riding in the snow is a little bid like riding in the mud, only that you don't get as dirty.

Martin though wasn't satisfied with the way his bike handles in the snow, so he whipped up some alterations and viola:



All handmade and already tried out:)

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Friday, January 18, 2008

You've got MAIL

I got something in the mail today:

It's been a while since I won the Heartland Race Series down in KS/MO
and since they canceled the last race because of rain, I had never gotten my medal for the overall win.
Well, I emailed them and wonders DO happen: I got mine in the mail today, yeah!!!!

A great motivator for this year's season.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Go(o)d present

You might remember this horrendous shooting we had here in Omaha a while back, where a 19 year old killed eight people before he took his own life....
Well, I also mentioned that he had lived in my neighborhood.
He had been taken in by a foster family that wanted to give him a home because his own parents (divorced) were....well you be the judge,

I am not the kind of person that digs around in these kind of stories and I would have never known, but through a conversation with a neighbor I found out I actually know the foster "Mom".
She has three dogs and I had met her various times on dog walks.

I felt so bad for her and I wanted to say something next time I would see her, but with my new job, I hadn't seen her in weeks.

On Sunday, my birthday, I took Mr. Whiskers for a walk and I saw her with her dogs.
Mr. W ran up to the dogs as always and I "had" to walk up to her.
By the time I reached her, I just took her in my arms and told her that I have been thinking about her and that she has been in my prayers...

She had tears in her eyes and said that she is so grateful that for all the kindness that people have shown towards her.
She wanted to help that kid and feels so bad that she couldn't.

She thanked me several times and it was almost a magic moment.

That was my best birthday present.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Yes, it's my birthday today. How old?

I am not telling...

How old do you think?

Did I confuse you enough?

Anyhow, I am having a very nice day. I got nice flowers and many wonderful wishes.
I talked to my family back home in Germany and they celebrated my birthday there and my older brother was so sweet to tell me how excited he was, when he got the news, that I "joined" the family:)

A good day. I don't feel older (yet).

NEW YEAR, I am READY !!!!!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008


Yeah it's pretty darn cold outside.
As you might have noticed. As soon as I announced my plan to commute, the temperatures dropped in the single digit, at least the felt temperature...

The guy, who is supposed to keep an eye on my bike was on leave.

And last but not least, I have a very bad COLD:(

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolutons or Bergziege in Cyperspace

Well, first of all do I want to wish all of you a VERY Happy New Year!
May this year bring you everything you wish for or dream about....

I actually finished the year the way, I also want to start it: RIDING:)
We went out to Lake Manawa on Sunday and I got my first snow ride in. First, it felt a bit scary, but after a while it was so much fun to slide through some of the corners.
The cold weather didn't bother me at all. I finally figured the perfect layering system and I got a sweet under-shirt from my parents for Christmas, that kept me super-warm.
Well, the last two days, I worked 10 hour days, so no riding for me but there is a solution in sight:

This two hour ride was so motivational that I decided to start working out the logistics to be able to ride to work...
I already found a place for the bike, inside the building. We have showers and a place to change.

SO, I might start my "Summer-Commuting" a bit earlier....

I haven't measured the distance yet, but I think, it is good 10 miles one way.

I will make my Cannondale my commuter bike. Now, I have to get a box or trunk together that I can leave at work, for emergency weather changes.
You guys might have some tips. I'd appreciate it:)

Oh, and wanna see something really cool, Martin gave me for Christmas:

Do you know what it is?

Oh, and talking about New Year's Resolutions. I promise to get better about writing on my blog again. My new job, kinda swallowed me up and I am still adjusting to that.
I love the work, but though, we work online all day, we are not allowed to access our private email and such. Unless, we are on break or after hours...
But my other thing to do is, read the book "Getting Things Done" and then I am sure, I will just whip the stuff out:))

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