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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SUPER squeeky for the demanding Terror eh Terrier. :)

Morning walk

Monday, February 25, 2008

I heard the word SPRING!?!

Someone was using this strange word SPRING
and I wasn't so sure about its meaning...
When reading up on it, a faint memory came back to me. And I remembered all kinds of neat things connecting with spring.

I like the fresh green, warmer weather and I go and look everyday for the first of my, oh maybe 300 bulbs to poke their little green tips out.
And this year, I will mark my first year of commuting to work!!!

What are you favorites??

I normally post only pictures of my own yard but these are too beautiful to not share. My hubby is still with his sister in Florida and send me some flowers.The plant in the background is a poinsettia, that we gave her for Christmas two years ago. She planted it on her patio and it started blooming again. If that isn't amazing then what.
I take it as a positive sign. Marla is fighting breast cancer right now and she needs this positive energy/Gods presents.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Do I have a small dog or is this a big tire? Enjoying a walk on my free Friday-always off!- AND it is 37F...a heatwave.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And I just got pulled over for can only get better!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Have I told you ....

that I am tired of this WINTER and the COLD weather.

Not only can't you ride in it without 10,000 layers on you, making you look like the Michelin Man....

BUT I MISS my garden walks....

So to give you (and myself) the pleasure and share some things of the past and hopefully of new things to sprout and bloom this spring and summer.

Here are some picture of my little paradise:)

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Just another Super Friday

MY Super Friday!!

Fridays are my days off. I work four 10 hour days and get Fri/Sat/Sun off. It's a good balance and the Friday is great to get all those things done that need to be done: doctor's appointments, hair cuts, shopping, bill paying, cleaning, dog duties and least but not least husband related matters:)

Today, I spent all morning running around getting things done and watched the sun warm up the air outside to a balmy 40F. (One gets thankful for every little warm up that doesn't freeze off your private parts...)

Anyway, I am still having this plan on my mind to start commuting to work and I don't want to wait until spring and race season starts. It is 10 miles one way, so a 20 mile round trip.

Last weekend I had set out to ride there, but I had to turn around because I wasn't dressed warm enough and my legs were cramping up so bad that I turned around at the half way point.

Today, I felt good and I had to try it again and I MADE it:))
I brought my badge with me, so could stop at work, have a hot chocolate and get stared at by a few people.
YES, I do look different in my biking out-fit...
But I made it, got my access granted to the mail room for the bike parking and now I can start riding....

Please, don't tell anybody that I went to work on my day off, thanks!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

One C CC doesn't like

It's the C in the word CANCER

My sister-in-law just found out that she has breast cancer.

The doctors found a lump in her breast and already ran some tests on that...

Today, she is going in the find out what kind of treatment/procedures she will be facing.

She lives in Florida, so I can't be with her, at least not physically, but she has been on my mind and in my prayers all week since I found out.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Month: new GOALS

Some of you might have noticed: January is G O N E.

What happened? Did I have too much fun to notice??

NO, I didn't go skiing. The picture is from last year at Winter Park, CO.
I used it, because this is the amount of clothes you need to be outside here right now.
BUT, I still made a new-month resolution:

I need to start riding more outside....

And keep a better diet.

The next race season is just around the corner and the scale is mean to me.

I started by going for a bike ride yesterday. It was cold, or better say, I was COLD. I didn't dress warm enough, but you live and learn.
Next time, I will put on an extra layer and I will be good to go/ride.....

Other than that things are going pretty good.

I (still) like my job. It just keeps me busy.
M and Mr. W are doing well. (Both keeping an eye on each other to stay out of trouble)

Oh, and another goal: to write more often....

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